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Wednesday September 17th 2014


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Iglesia Ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Super Typhoon Haiyan Victims in Philippines

iglesia ni cristoThe INC Pride. The Body of Christ suffered and died for the people and with the people. Untouched by storm but closed to the needs of the people around it who became homeless.


It is striking that they have such an attitude when people are loosing homes during the onslought of the Super Typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda in local name]. Outside trees were falling and iron sheets from the rooftops of many houses were flying like paper sheets. In face of danger, it is the natural tendencies of Filipinos to take shelter to Churches and Schools. Yet, these members of the Iglesia ni Cristo refused to open doors like the unmerciful innkeepers in Bethlehem during the birth of the Messiah, refusing shelter to the Holy Family.

One Cathedral in Tacloban was destroyed by the Super Typhoon and it was caught in camera of Channel 7 by Jiggy Manicad. Why? Because people including the media men were taking shelter inside it. Our glory is in the cross of the Lord Jesus and in the fact that our Church is truly home of the poor and the needy.

Take note, they pride themselves for having their chapel standing right after the storm. Good for them. However, a house of worship that is not a house of charity is evil. Like the Pyramids of the pagans they stand as lasting memorial of the emptiness of the Pharaoh’s heart.

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